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West Michigan
Water Safety Alliance

Who We Are

The West Michigan Water Safety Alliance (WMWSA) is a nonprofit organization focused on water safety, specifically dangerous currents in Lake Michigan.

WMWSA's sub program called the Holland Ambassadors Program and Education (H.A.P.E)  has volunteers that act as beach ambassadors who are responsible for educating the public about dangerous water currents, like rip currents, and water safety practices. Beach Ambassadors will promote good water safety practices through beachside education giving each beach goer  brochures, water watcher cards and wristbands, doing community events, and outreach.  Volunteers will generally work in shifts of 2 to 4 hours. Additionally, volunteers may be involved in other activities such as beach clean-up days, festival booths, educational foot patrols, and local non-profit organizations special events including beach safety training.

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Beach Ambassadors

Safety on our Beaches

Holland Ambassadors Program and Education




Learn About Water Safety on the Great Lakes

Beach Cleanup Volunteers

Beach Ambassadors

Holland Water Safety Ambassadors Program and Education

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Discounts and Alternative Activities on Red Flag Days

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Holland Ambassadors Program and Education
Holland Ambassador Program and Education (H.A.P.E.)

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